Welcome to the city of Palms

Bordighera is the perfect city for both a weekend getaway and a slonger stay, even two or more weeks: here every day, with the right information, you can always do something new and stimulating.

The incredibly strategic location of Bordighera allows you to be easily reachable from all over the world thanks to the niceairport, which is only 25 minutes away.

From here you can easily visit the medieval villages of the hinterland, the Côte d’azur and have a two steps a larger and more lively center like Sanremo.

Bordighera is a man-made city, alive but not chaotic, where you easily make friends on the beach, the park or the cafes of the old town.

It’s a great place to play sports, train and get fit. You can organize excursions, cultural visits or just relax on the sea shore.

Thanks to this guide you will discover the many wonders that are found in Bordighera and around. I will give you many ideas to enjoy your holidays in Liguria.

Here is the definitive guide for the traveler to explore the best bordighera.

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Where is Bordighera

A pearl in an extraordinary territory

Besides being easily reachable from Nice airport, Bordighera is served by the A10 motorway and the railway line.

In 10 minutes you can reach Sanremo or Menton, the first city French across the border. And bit more further there is the Principality of Monaco, ideal for truly exclusive nights.

From Bordighera It is also easy to get into the wonderful hinterland: Visit the villages of Dolceacqua, seborga, Apricale and many more…

Bordighera Weather and climate

300 days a year of sunshine

With a mild climate and many sunny days, Bordighera is a welcoming destination all year round.

The western Liguria, in particular, offers an incredible climate especially in this area, where it grows without problems a vegetation of exotic species that frame its scenery overlooking the sea and its Botanical gardens.

Except for rare exceptions Bordighera maintains a mild climate all winter and summer is quite fresh and breeed


Bordighera WEATHER

What to see in Bordighera

In addition to the long and relaxing days on the beach, Bordighera offers a lot of nature, relaxing and wonderful views. In addition to the extraordinary legacy that the Ligurian and English ancestors left here: an elegant and human-sized city.

Here are some ideas for you:


Exotic Garden Pallanca

The Pallanca exotic Garden is spread over the traditional Ligurian terraces overlooking the sea and has a very rich variety of wonderful plants.

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The studio

Inside the workshop of this great impressionist painter the time has stopped giving life to a fascinating place.

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Whale Watching

Live a unique experience in the open sea, come and look for dolphins and whales in their natural habitat in the cetacean Sanctuary.

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panorama liguria

Sunset of Bordighera

Go back to the footsteps of the Impressionist painters like Monet who painted the panoramas of Bordighera for a long time.

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Beodo’s Path

The Beodo Trail, which has also been immortated by Monet, is an easy and relaxing itinerary amidst a rich palm grove.

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One of the most expensive places to “Bordigotti”: a terrace overlooking the romantic sea and the relaxing panorama.

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Church of S. Ampelio

Symbol of Bordighera, this small church overlooking the cliffs is one of the most significant views of the city of Palms.

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Bordighera Alta

The heart of Bordighera is a fortified village dating from 1470 crossed by a dense plot of beautiful alleys and small squares.

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Monumental plants

The gigantic ficus grown in bordighera are certainly monuments to be seen and photographed.

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Bicknell Museum

This villa become a library is the testimony of the love of the English for Bordighera: Curious the collection of butterflies.

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Principality of Seborga

In the hinterland of Bordighera there is an ancient principality with lots of Prince, Princess and the guards on horseback.

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Vallebona is a charming village whose symbol is the Piaggio bee and where the precious orange blossom water is produced.

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What to do in Bordighera

Whether you are a sportsman, a connoisseur of good food, a lover of the sea or a lover of excursions in the midst of nature, Bordighera always has something to offer to animate your days and leave you a vivid memory of your holidays in Liguria.

Here are some of the things that Bordighera and surroundings will offer you during all seasons of the Year:

Pedal and enjoy the view

Rent a bike in Bordighera

From Bordighera you can cycle along the coast to the port of Ventimiglia or to Dolceacqua. The route is safe and not trafficated.

Starting from the nearby Ospedaletti you will have over 30 km of cycle path to San Lorenzo al mare!

An outdoor tennis match

Discover the oldest circle in Italy

In the heart of Bordighera stands the first Italian Tennis club, founded by the British in 1878.

Challenge a friend or contact the club and book your lesson with a master!

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Relax on the beach

Tanning, relaxation and the scent of the sea.

Choose your favorite free beach or be pampered by the many bathing establishments of Bordighera.

Enjoy the wonderful climate of Bordighera, relax, tan and make new friends under the umbrella.

The water in Bordighera is very clean: for many years the city has been awarded the Blue Flag of Europe.

A tour of the vineyards

Discover the biodynamic wine of Bordighera.

On the hill overlooking Bordighera the Tenuta selvadolce produces quality wines in a completely natural way.

Book a tour with tasting and enjoy the view.

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And again…


Sailing excursion

A day at sea or an aperitif at sunset.


Rent your windsurf or entrust yourself to an instructor.


Music Museum

A few minutes from Bordighera the mythical Museum of Music.



Explore the inland ponds in costume or venture into the canyons


Relax and pamper yourself in the spas of Bordighera.



Practice this ancient discipline in the most beautiful corners of Bordighera.



Takes off from Montenero and flies to Ospedaletti.



Rent a scooter to move fast on the Riviera!

Eating in Bordighera

In Bordighera the restaurants where you eat well are many and each of them proposes very different specialties. Get advice from locals you’ll meet on the waterfront, but in the meantime let me give you some advice:

What to eat in Bordighera

Every day freshest fish and tasty appetizers

Every day from the marina of Bordighera the fishermen supply the best restaurants of the city: it is very easy then to find fresh fish and of excellent quality.

To order something really typical my advice and to ask the “cappon skinny” or the “Brandacujùn”. Other typical dishes are the sardenaira, which would be “pizza Ligure” (but do not say that I told you!), the Barbagiuai, the rabbit and ravioli borragine.

The Wines in Bordighera

From Rossese di Dolceacqua to the biodynamic wine of Selvadolce.

As with many other cities in Liguria, the most popular wines are Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese di Dolceacqua. A real gem is the biodynamic wine of the Selvadolce estate produced in Bordighera.

The most furnished winery in the city is, without doubt, that of the Magiargè restaurant in Bordighera Alta.

Where to eat in Bordighera

From the small bistros to the most refined restaurants.

In Bordighera the restaurants where eating well are very numerous. You go from the most refined restaurants on the sea like Romolo mare, the Happy Alice or the Marina Beach (during the summer), to the most characteristic restaurants of the historical center like Magiargè and the Scibretta or choose a restaurant for lunches As fast as the Monet Café or the pink pepper.

Hotels and apartments in Bordighera

In Bordighera there is a variety of choices and solutions for all budgets. If you are looking for an exclusive and luxurious accomodation take a look at the first hotel that I recommend below, if you spend your day exploring the Riviera you can opt for a family-run hotel, a B & B on the sea or in the old town.

A fantastic compromise is also the Finely furnished Apartments, ideal for traveling with family or friends to spend a really fun stay.


Grand Hotel del Mare

The most renowned hotel in Bordighera has an extraordinary location overlooking the sea and an excellent spa.

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Hotel Little Lido

The hotel Piccolo Lido overlooks the seafront promenade behind the Rotonda di Sant’ampelio and the beach of Bordighera.

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Hotel Villa Elisa

It is located in the most elegant area of the city: the Roman way. Well-tended services and friendly staff will welcome you to this hotel with garden.

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Villa Miki

Villa Miki is a small hotel in the center of Bordighera just renovated, convenient to reach the beach.

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Gold Hotel

The Gold Hotel, in the centre of Bordighera, is also convenient for the beaches and the owners will make you feel at home.

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Hotel Lucciola

Hotel Lucciola is housed in an Old English villa. Close to the old town and the museums of Bordighera.

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Bordighera Suite Apartments

New and comfortable apartments

In recent years Bordighera Suite apartment has created several extremely comfortable apartments.

They are equipped with every comfort and once you enter it is like being at home: private parking, air conditioning, Internet WiFi with fibre optic and equipped kitchen like yours.

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Book Directly Oline

Discover the availability of hotels and apartments in Bordighera by consulting the main online portals.

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Hotels and B & B

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Towns and cities in the surroundings

On this page I gave you just a taste of the things you can live and visit during your stay in Bordighera.

I am preparing for you pages dedicated to other countries and cities in the area, to offer you even more ideas and suggestions that only those who live in this area have always known



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Thanks to this definitive guide on Bordighera you have all the information you need to organize your next trip to discover the Ligurian Riviera.

Already reading this guide you will have realized that Bordighera has a lot to offer for any kind of traveller and at any time of the year.

I gave you all this information because in the tourist guides you find very little about the wonders that you can discover in this area. The few tips that other guides offer do not give you the opportunity to organize your stay in the best possible way.

Also, in the guides, it’s hard to find practical tips and hints on things that really are worth visiting, try and live when you plan to leave for a holiday on the western Riviera.

One last tip that I would like to give you is to also use this information that I gave you as a base for your personal itinerary by inserting what you really care about, what you like and what most seems to align with your idea of vacation. You’ll find that, whatever type of trip you prefer, the Riviera di Ponente will always be content and surprise you.

I really hope to have given you everything you need to be able to start organizing your own unique and rich travel itinerary.

Did you like the guide? Did I miss something? Just let me know by writing in the comments and share with us how and when you decided to visit the beautiful Bordighera!

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